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Amor falls in love

PUBLIKOVÁNO: 22.05.2018, AKTUALIZACE: 22.05.2018

During the days of Lemuria the times of Amor, you had a deep heart connection where you could communicate with each other. You could feel things that you could never think of feeling even in today's world. You had an empathic ability to be able to share and to balance energy intuitively.

Amor is in his seventeenth year at this point and was experiencing a lot about life. He went to what you would call a concert, only in those days the concerts were quite different. They did not have all the electrified music that you have today.

Generally, they would bring together their instruments and their voices in what you would call a band or a group of people that work together to create music on a regular basis much like you do today.  In the beginning of these concerts, the group would work together and they would start playing some of the music that they had perfected over time.

Yet, in Lemuria, there was a connection of the heart and something magical took place during these concerts. After a fairly short time of several songs, people were invited to come up and join them on stage.  It was more like an opening all around where people could join and be able to share harmonies. The interesting part about it is that not everyone would harmonize with the band, not everyone harmonized with the music they were playing but the beautiful part about it is they would feel that and either they could come into harmony or they would step down from the stage and wait for another night, another band, or another set of songs that they could harmonize with.

Several people would come up and be part of the music creation and it was very exciting to see. They did not have to applaud or boo or anything of that nature to show their appreciation because they had open, connected hearts. The heart of Lemuria was a constant contact with each other and something very interesting happened during this process. Amor was looking up at the people that were playing and he was thinking, “Oh I am I may step up tonight. I really enjoy the rhythms and the music they are playing this night. I may step up and actually do this tonight.”

He looked around and he saw someone looking at him. Yes, it was a girl. Yes, she was very pretty, and she had attracted a lot of energy from many that night.  She played the game of hide and seek with Amor, looking and then looking away. Then she looked at him just watched him and smiled when he looked back. In that moment, Amor saw her spirit saw her soul and for just that moment the two of them felt deeply in love just that quickly.

Amor wanted to step up and express himself in the opening to be able to help to put some use to the energy he was feeling and put some music to it. Just before he started to step up something happened. He looked over and someone else had his arm around that girl.  Amor’s heart sank and he went a little crazy in that moment. For just that moment he could feel himself in love and then suddenly it was gone. In Lemuria people did not always play the game of twosome in the way that you play it here today because those open hearts know that love is love is love and just because one person is in love with someone else does not take away from the love of another. Every parent knows that; they know that they can love many children and one does not take away from the other.

Amor was now frustrated and he did not go on stage at night; he did not step up and join the band. That evening went on and finally ended up being what you would call a drumming circle today and that was very common for these types of concerts. They literally would turn into rhythms because so many people could harmonize with the rhythms. Amor never did take his place on the stage that night. He watched at a distance hoping that she would turn around and make eye contact with him again but she never did. That really bothered Amor and he found himself in a quandary.

The next day he started to walk around in circles, still bothered by his experience the night before. Amor did not quite sure what to think of anything for just that moment. His heart completely opened and then suddenly it had closed, and he had several friends around him at that time. One of them was a young lady that he grew up with. Her name was Saroo and she talked to him that day and said, “Amor, what is the matter? What is the problem? You do not seem to be yourself. Something has closed your heart. What is it?”

Amor completely ignored her questions for a while not wanting to appear weak to Saroo even though he had grown up with her. They were good friends and several other friends were with them that day.  For some time, Amor could not bring himself to talk around any of his friends including Saroo. He just walked around half in his body and half out. Finally, Saroo caught him alone and she became insistent and said “Amor, I am sure I can see that something is really wrong; what is this? What is taking place with you? What is bothering you?” He decided to go ahead and try to verbalize it, try to put some words to his feelings and try to explain to her what happened and what took place.

He decided he could not hide it any longer and tears formed in his eyes. In a short time, she became the earpiece that he needed, and she listened. At one point she started giggling and laughing a little bit for this had also had happened to Saroo and she knew what this was like. And then she said something that was absolutely channeled from above and helped Amor to ground him and help him see things they way they were. She said, “Amor, when you were lit up, when you felt that she was looking at your spirit and those two spirits saw each other, was that not magical?” And he said, “Yes, but then later that was taken away…” and she said, “No, that was never taken away. That one moment that you two had together was very special. Do not lose that because of your projections of where you wanted it to go.

Just enjoy that one moment that you had there where she saw your spirit and you saw hers.” And then she channeled a little bit further and said, “You know, Amor, that she was waiting for you to get on stage so she could watch you again?”  Suddenly everything made a little bit more sense and he became less attached to the whole feeling of love and that connection. He was still pretty frustrated by the experience because in just that brief moment where the two spirits saw each other very clearly, his imagination went wild and he imagined himself 10-20 years down the road with this girl and all the futures they could have had together and he became attached to that when in reality, it was just a brief moment where they could see each other's spirits so clearly that they could see the beauty inside.

So Saroo was able to console him that day and she even let him lay in her lap for a moment while she stroked his hair which is something that Amor did not do very often. He always pretended to be the man with a strong voice and the energy much like children of today but that day he allowed himself to be a little bit more open. Her wisdom and the channel that she was able to bring through her heart helped him to make sense of what took place and to open him for the possibilities of that to take place again and for them to have more connections. And it was not long before Amor was starting to fully relax. He opened his own metamorphic shell and let the light shine through completely and he lay there in her lap just enjoying the time that they had together not having to be anywhere or having to do anything.

And at one point he looked up at Saroo and in that moment, they saw each other's spirit and that became magical because that was the first time that he had seen his childhood buddy—that friend of his that he had grown up with as another spirit. And in that moment, those two fell in love in a whole different way and he tried not to attach himself to anything about it. He was concerned because he was afraid he might lose his best friend, he might lose the connection that he had had with Saroo all this time but that did not happen.

The two of them just enjoyed that time together and that energy and they saw each other's spirits that day. That is what happens when you can get past all the nonsense, all the belief systems and all the expectations. When you can move past all those things and see a person's spirit for who they truly are in that moment, you fall in love. Amor thanked Saroo as he left for home but before she let him go she looked deeply into his eyes and said; “if only you could see the person that I see in you Amor, you would never doubt yourself again.”

And although they did not do much about that, they got a little closer that day and in some ways, there was even a little bit of slight distance in their relationship where they were almost afraid of getting too close and changing the relationship they had built as children. They had built their whole friendship and relationship on being friends—of playing in the woods together, sometimes getting dirty and playing in the mud together and things of that nature that children typically do.

Suddenly, Amor started seeing Saroo quite differently and since she was able to bring through that incredible wisdom she helped him ground his energy in a whole different way. Amor liked who he was a little more when she was around. He loved seeing himself through her eyes. Their friendship changed that day. And although they did not turn that into a formal relationship at that point, their ideas of each other changed and they got much closer to the heart energy which both them shared.

It was only about a week later that Amor decided to go back to the concerts that were played out in the open field and he took his favorite instrument to be able to participate if he felt the pull.  When he heard the music that night Amor went through the process of dancing and allowing the music to flow through him.  Soon he saw people getting up on stage with the band. The band was not so intent on putting out the perfect sound that night, they were interested in harmonizing and having fun. That was the tradition back in those days of Mu with these concerts.

And after a while, Amor started feeling the music he could resonate with it himself and at that point he decided to pick up his own instrument and add to the music. He was even able to lend his vocals as well as play his stringed instrument.

Soon he realized he had made his way to the middle of the opening. And from that area he looked around wondering if he was going to see that girl again. He wondered if she was going to be there and if someone's arm was going to be around her but he was not attached to it.

It was a long before he saw her standing alone. Amor smiled at her and she smiled back.  Just then, Amor looked over and saw the beautiful smiling face of Saroo. She was beaming with pride watching Amor as he stood in that clearing playing his instrument.  Amor lit up inside. He never looked back toward the girl that night.

He could not keep his eyes off of Saroo and the two of them looked deeply into each other’s souls that night. It was magical at that point. Amor's music got incredibly vibrant and for a time he even took the lead and his heart sang through his instrument as he experienced love straight from Home. Amor went Home and enjoyed just the peacefulness of it all. He knew he would be with Saroo tomorrow and he could not wait.

That is what takes place on planet Earth. Literally when you open your eyes and you see another’s spirit inside playing that game and you can harmonize with them in some way, imprint them with your love. It is very magical, and it literally leads to your energies in a whole new way.

That day everything was good in Mu.

Steve Rother -


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